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We help management teams to leverage the power of human capital to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Our clients are located across Ontario. Our clients include many manufacturing and distribution companies across Southern Ontario. We work in the resource sectors of the North including forestry, mining and renewable energy. Corporate clients include multi-national corporations that are headquartered outside of Canada and that utilize our firm to provide full-service human resource management capabilities for their Canadian subsidiaries.

John W. Ashbourne, CMC

Outsourced Human Resources Management

As human resources consultants, we help management teams to optimize the contributions of their people. We coach for success by empowering individuals to achieve breakthrough levels of performance. We deploy enabling technologies and new business processes that are in step with business strategies. We develop effective communication programs that support organizational change.  As an outsourced service provider, we process payrolls, administer pension and benefits programs, and manage workplace health and safety in compliance with legislated requirements.

Our client relationships are managed as business partnerships. We make an exceptional effort to know as much as possible about each client’s business. Our efforts help to make our clients very successful at what they do.

We produce organizational strategies that are succinct and pragmatic, along with the enabling programs to leverage the results achievable through higher levels of employee engagement. We focus on what is achievable within a reasonable budget. Our interventions yield results, not reports.

A well-conceived communications strategy for all stakeholders is a cornerstone of every successful program.

Career Management

We deliver Career Transition support for individuals who experience job loss and need to redirect their careers. We help clients to create new and rewarding employment relationships by developing a compelling “value proposition” and executing a personal marketing strategy that has impact.

We are also engaged by organizations that understand that empowered, accountable employees render superior business results.  In our “Active Career Management” practice, we coach employees to enable them to realize their potential in a current employment relationship. Clients gain the capacity to refresh and sustain satisfying employment relationships.

The foundation of both our Career Transition and Active Career Management programs is a combination of assessment tools, small group training and one-on-one coaching that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. We identify an individual’s vocational interests, capabilities and motivators and provide clarity so that each person understands how to align their personal goals with those of an organization to achieve the success that they desire.

Some of the individuals that we are privileged to serve utilize our expertise to “structure” retirement. This usually involves developing a portfolio of fulfilling activities that balance vocational interests with new levels of activity pursuing personal, family and community-oriented objectives. No one should leave traditional employment without a plan and the resources to achieve the success they desire.


We help companies recruit and retain highly qualified talent to meet both short-term and long range business requirements. We utilize a consultative, needs-based approach to execute an effective recruitment campaign to respond to every staffing challenge. Our process is tailored to reflect the client company’s existing business strategy, core values, practices and organizational culture.

On-line assessment technologies supplement a proven recruitment and selection process to ensure that applicants have the competencies to meet the requirements of every position. We verify qualifications and experience and take steps to ensure an appropriate “fit” within the corporate culture of each client organization.

We are not an employment agency. Our recruiting engagements are usually outcomes of established relationships with major companies where we also deliver a range of human resource management capabilities.

Leadership Profiles

A fully managed solution for building a personal brand with a professionally-managed online presence.

A resume is no longer enough.

A professionally developed and optimized website creates an on-line platform for leaders in business, academic research and public service to showcase a portfolio of work and accomplishments. Recruiters, employers, prospective clients and other professionals in your field can “find” you and learn about your skills and experience.  A professionally-managed web presence enables you to communicate your unique “value proposition” to a world that may be searching for your capabilities.

Our leadership profile manager creates and optimizes your on-line presence, relieving you of concerns about designing or developing a website, touching any computer code or managing the hosting process. We design, build, optimize for search engines and launch your leadership profile.

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Meetings are arranged by appointment at our locations:  Niagara, Burlington, Toronto, Kingston, North Bay and Thunder Bay.

John W. Ashbourne, CMC

John Ashbourne is the firm’s principal consulting resource. He has held senior positions with corporations in Canada and the United States. With expertise in organizational development, labour relations and human resources management, he has played a leading role in a number of restructurings and corporate “turnarounds”.

Ashbourne has directed the human resources functions of corporations in the brand marketing, manufacturing and service sectors. He is an experienced labour negotiator. John has managed consulting engagements with a major utility, and with companies in the consumer products, capital equipment, hospitality, retailing and aerospace sectors.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, John Ashbourne completed The Advanced Program in Human Resources Management and The Advanced Program in Managing Strategic Change at the Rotman School of Business. He is professionally accredited by The Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario and the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. He is certified as an adult educator and serves as an instructor and guest lecturer at Brock University and Niagara College.

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